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                               More than 15 years waxing 

                             Male waxing 

Male waxing 
 The  male  body is very delicate to do the waxing  special in the intimate  area, The beautician must have  large experience and  be very confident. The body anatomy is completely different of the women. the beautician must study hard, years of practice and  passion for waxing.  work in London and south america gave me the opportunity to waxing the most different nationalities hair type.
Waxing less pain :
To reduce the pain the secret is simple, is just a combination of experience and good wax product and with me you can find both, i have been waxing for more than 15 years and i work with the best manufacturer of depilatory waxes.

waxing style
1-Bikini- Remove the hair in the sides of your bikini area.
2-Brazilian- remove the hair in front of the intimate  area total or living as a  bikini + the scrotal area.
3-Hollywood- remove the all front hair of your intimate area + the  buttocks area.

chester, full back and abdomen.£50

Half arms    £10 
Full  arms    £20
Under arms £10
Full Belly     £15 
Back Low    £10 
Chest          £20
Back/sholders scrub £10
Full back/sholders     £25
full back/sholders+1/4 arms £30
full back/sholders+1/4 arms+scrub £35
1/4arms £10
Nose      £05 
Ears       £05
Full face  £30

Brazilian/Hollywood   £35 (in side buttocks area)
Brazilian/Hollywood   £40 (in side buttocks and out side )
Buttocks      £20 (in/out side buttocks area)
Full body     £110    
Legs and feet   
Feet           £05
Half legs    £15
Top legs     £20
Full legs      £35
Eyebrow Treatment                                   
Tweezer +waxing £10
High Frequency
Recommended  after waxing because your pores is natural opened when pull hair, and the High Frequency,stimulate close the pores, kill bacteria, prevent inflammation, in grow hair, less pain full after waxing.To do High Frequency  help keep your body health.
small area£5
large area£10 
Treatment to prevent and treat fungal nail infection, athlect foot and similar with anti-fungal cream. exfoliation, massage, foot spa bowl, file pedicure (with eletric sender indicate for hard skin)trimming nails, remove cuticle excess, paraffin treatment using electric booties +high frequency)

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